Creative Freedom and the Fuji X-Series: Guest Blog with Bryan Minear

Having recently added a Fuji X-T1 to my arsenal, I found this post inspirational. Now to start collecting more lenses……

MPEX Experience

This is a guest blog written by Bryan Minear.

XP2_01 1/2500 @ f/8 ISO 200

To me, the X-Pro2, X-T1, and Fujinon XF lenses mean creative freedom. The X Series system, gives users a physical, almost organic connection to the camera through function dials that you just don’t feel when digging through electronic menus. With X Series, photographers are going to get all the stunning image quality and high ISO performance benefits of a high-end DSLR, but in a much smaller package. Truth be told, X Series gear is just way more fun to shoot with. 

With other camera systems, I would find myself spending too much time with my face buried in a digital menu looking for the right settings. But between the dials on the camera and all the programmable function buttons, I can access all that I need without a second glance.

XP2_02 1.2 sec…

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