Juxtaposition Defined

Juxtaposition Defined at Dawn

Sometimes it is worthwhile to get up at sunrise. I’ve been wanting to shoot this scene for a long time and finally got it in gear to be on hand and ready as the sun rose over the hills of Picadilly highlighting the lone tree in the midst of a hayfield with the towers of the mines in Penosquis peeking through the mist in the background.

This one was done with a wide angle (20mm) lens at shrub height. Now I need to go back, while the foliage is still on the trees, and shoot it again with a different lens so the mine towers are more significant.

Ah – the challenges of achieving one’s vision!


4 thoughts on “Juxtaposition Defined

  1. Nice image. Love the wide-angle lens use and the way the sunlight comes from the righthand corner. I’d be interested to see these photographs compared to each other when you shoot it again with your other lens. Thanks for sharing,


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