Yet another unplanned farewell

I must be of “that certain age” – but it seems to me that I’m losing far too many friends to cancer lately. I was shocked to learn, via Facebook of all places, that yet another friend passed away yesterday. I just read her obituary and it said so little about her life – just the barest of facts.

Florence was a kind soul with a ready wit and a generous smile. She and I took riding lessons together, supported each other through the arduous journey to coaching certification for riding, and whenever we saw each other it was as if no time had passed since our last visit.

How could she have been so ill and me not know about it? As generous as she was, Florence was also a very, very private person. Those who had the privilege to know her will miss her and remember her with great fondness. Visits to the farm she shared with Glen in Barnsville and the Judged Pleasure Rides and small horse shows they held there were always liberally laced with laughter and good times.

For those of you who, like me, have put off calling a friend for no good reason, or reaching out even by email, or better yet making the time for a visit – do it now. Don’t wait. For we NEVER know what tomorrow will bring – or not.

It was a privilege to know you, Florence, and you will be missed.

Florence Tays
1954 – 2012


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