You’ve Got A Friend in Me

In the past few days I’ve enjoyed several reminders of what friendship is all about. Whether it is human friendship, or friendship displayed by other species, the basics are the same.

The two dogs in the photo do everything together; they play; they eat; they act foolish; and the sleep on either side of their person. What greater display of friendship and caring could there be?

Friends from waaayyy back

These two ladies have been friends since early childhood. They went through school together and Debbie (on the right) was maid of honour at Alison’s wedding more than three decades ago! Time and circumstance meant they lost touch with each other until the stumbled across each other’s profiles on Facebook. Reunited after all those years, both said it felt like they’d talked only yesterday. That’s friendship.

And Hoover is never one to be left out of a happy moment….

Hoover horning in on a happy moment between “old” friends


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