Mothers come in a variety of ages, sizes, colours and types. Some of us have one, some many, some none while growing up. Mothers may be the women who gave birth to us, the ones who raised us, older friends, older relatives or some other form of ‘mother’. But come what may, we’ve all had at least one.

Some of us are mothers ourselves, even grandmothers or beyond. Some are surrogate mothers to relatives or friends children or ‘aunties’ to those small people. Some give their mothering to “furbabies” – the pets who fill a void in their lives. Some mother in other ways.

Some mothers live with the unique, heart-wrenching pain that comes from losing a child before his or her time. Even when they have and love other children in their lives, there is still a special place in the expanding balloon of love for the child who has gone before.

This Mother’s Day, I wish us all a day filled with warmth and love.

Mum, (brother)Jerry and me

The Mum I grew up with

My son

My Grandkids

Tomorrow it’s all about Moms in all their iterations. Happy Mothers’ Day!


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