Some people make such a difference

just by being themselves.

Jim Kupkee (Lt. Col. James Eugene Kupkee) was one of those people.

I met Jim many years ago through a shared interest in all things equine. He was serving as ringmaster / announcer at one of the Dressage New Brunswick shows. A man who always had a smile on his face, he could cheer even rain-soaked competitors shivering the cold waiting for their turn to perform.

Once we competed together at a show held at the Gallaway Ridge Training Centre in Hampton. They hosted a “fossils” class for those of us well beyond the legal age to vote and I remember Jim riding an inventive dressage test, amusing fellow competitors and spectators alike.

In 2010 members of Dressage NB, spectators and visitors gathered at the Princess Louise Park Show Centre in Sussex, NB, following a day of competition, to celebrate Jim’s 80th birthday and to thank him for him many years of service to the sport and its members.

RIP Jim. You will be missed.


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