Mother Nature has a warped sense of humour

Yesterday I loaded up my new ‘mobile studio’

And head in to Sussex to spend a couple of hours on a photo walk with members of my 4-H Photo Project group. We visited two areas of interest to families with children and adolescents – the Skateboard Park on the edge of the Princess Louise Park

and the recently built and expanded

The object was for the group members to take a series of photographs that could be used in posters promoting these community assets – a way to appreciate and give back to the area where we all live and work.

At the same time the members had the opportunity to consider several photographic techniques – although they may not have been aware of it at the time. For those with DSLRs, we talked about adjusting white balance so colours on a cloudy day would be more realistically captured. And, we talked about composition and using photos to tell a story – beginning with broad and encompassing images and gradually narrowing those down to finer and finer detail. I can’t wait to see what the girls came up with!

Sometimes we all need to slow down and enjoy a child’s-eye view of the universe.

And then Mother Nature woke up this morning and played a cruel joke on us all…

Weather really only enjoyed by snow-loving pooches.

Happy Easter Everyone!




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