A good friend I’ve never met

writes poetry. Poetry that reaches in and massages your heart. Poetry that makes you stop and pause, consider your world and sometimes, let a tear stray down your cheek.

This good friend I’ve never met writes words that reach out and pull me in. Heather Grace Stewart is an amazing poetess. She has written three major collections, the latest of which, “Carry On Dancing“, has just become available. But the first of her books that I bought was “The Groovy Granny” – a collection of silly and fun verses for children, illustrated by her daughter Kayla. I gave the book to my grandkids and enjoyed laughing with them a we read about gadget pants and so much more.

And then I read, and re-read, “Carry On Dancing”. It wrung emotions from me that I was sure were long buried – tied to events long over and I thought, forgotten. They weren’t.

In her Introduction to the book she says, “This is a promise to myself to stop and take good notice of something, or someone in my life, every day.” And then she issues her invitation, “I hope you’ll join me on my small adventure.”

There’s nothing small at all about the adventure that is “Carry On Dancing”. “Enough” rails against a society that creates expectations embodied in images, things, celebrities but ends,

“I am me.

And that is enough.”

Heather’s family is a constant source of inspiration to her. “She Drew Me a Sky” helped me, however briefly, to feel my father’s work-hardened hand on my shoulder one more time.

“Mommy,” she said,

“let me show you

what I think souls look like.”


“If you’re quiet, though,

some days —- some days,

you can feel them.”

And I did.

‘Lessons Learned’ evoked a different reaction – and I called a friend after reading

“Forget about being right, and forget about being perfect. Surprise someone with kindness. Use humor to dissipate anger. Take deeper breaths. Take them more often. Snort when you laugh. Look into their eyes. Listen harder. Hug longer. Eat dessert with your hands. Dig in! Send someone some snail mail. Stop waiting for the right time, the right words, the right tactic. Make it right. Do it your way. Do it now.”

I had to.

But, when I finished reading “When I Finally Make Starlight” my heart dissolved and I cried great tears thinking about the legacies left to me – and what I’ll leave my son and grandchildren someday – when I finally make starlight.

Heather’s lyrical words will touch you. She wrote “Should I Ever Become THAT Poet” about those intellectually arrogant souls who pontificate about what should be, according to them, And asked to be shot should she get that way.

No worries, dear friend I haven’t met yet. It will never happen. You write too openly, from your heart to others’  as nature’s song unleashes your words for us to savour.

Carry On Dancing!


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