Singing for sheer joy

Nothing says JOY louder or stronger than a happy dog cavorting in the snow.

This afternoon was one of those perfect late-winter days when the strength of the sun keeps you warm and comfortable while you take “woman’s” best friend for a walk on the wild side.

The weather folks are predicting a big storm tonight and tomorrow so it seemed appropriate to take advantage of the calm before its arrival to let Hoover get some exercise and enjoy the afternoon. It was beautiful out there on – wait for it –

Yep – that’s the name of it. And a sweet walk it is between two large hayfields. It’s one of my favourite places to walk with Hoover and the scenery changes daily depending on the season, the time of day and, of course, the weather.

Just goes to prove that beauty and joy are where you find them – even in your own backyard.


One thought on “Singing for sheer joy

  1. Ceci:

    I noticed you posted a request to meet others during your upcoming visit to Vancouver during April, 2012. I am surprised that no one has replied. I am a social person, if you need any guidance on where to take photos, perhaps I can help. Just ask. I have been pursuing photography for over 50 years, but as an advanced amateur. and have many prof film cameras: MF up to LF.
    I have been to NF but want to go to NB next, then NS and PEI, perhaps one day . . .

    enjoy your walks in the snow, Spring is just around the corner

    Riding the Wet Coast

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