So far, so good

A friend and I were out for a walk the other day. It was one of those pleasant winter afternoons when you can feel the strength in the sun’s light and little creatures, both furry and feathered, seem to welcome visitors into their domain.

We originally set out intending to climb the path to “The Bluffs” and make landscape photographs. But, the path proved too icy and dangerous. So, rather than risk life, limb and camera gear, we opted to stroll along the snow covered hiking trails along the banks of Trout Creek in Sussex Corner. There we saw the chubby little fellow above scavenging beneath a home-made bird feeder that someone had hung from a tree branch and filled with seeds.

An entire flock of Chickadees was also busy stocking up on supplies.

And they kept us amused with their antics.

Neither of us had the appropriate lens on our cameras since we had planned on landscapes, not wildlife, photography. But, you make do with what you have and try to compensate with narrow apertures, fast shutter speeds and upping the ISO as needed to give a decent exposure.

One of my favourite things to shoot lately has been texture. Whether it is rock, wood or otherwise. I couldn’t resist either the huge old maple tree or the tall, strong birch tree that beckoned with colour, shadow, light, depth and fascinating textures.

No matter how pleasant the walk, though, it was nice to come home, sit down with a cup of tea and put my feet up next to….



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