Face-to-face, computer-to-computer: friendship means a lot

There’s a lot of truth to this statement. Whether we are young or old or somewhere in between, friendships are the glue that help us to keep our lives together with some degree of sanity. It doesn’t matter if the friend is someone we’ve known all of our lives; someone we’ve recently met; someone we’ve only known ‘on-line’ through an electronic connection; or even a family member we choose to call ‘friend’ too. A friend is a friend is a friend.

I have one friend that lives thousands of kilometres away in northern British Columbia. We’ve been friends for eons – literally since potty training, and that wasn’t yesterday for either of us! But, when we chat on birthdays, Christmas or other days for no good reason, it’s just like we were together yesterday – and that’s how it should be.

Other people that I choose to call friends are those I’ve met along life’s highway. Some have come and gone while others have stuck. Another friend I met 20+ years ago through a shared interest (in horses – surprised?). We’ve been through a lot together – so far – and I suspect we’ll continue along the path forever.

Some are new friends, but quickly becoming dear friends. Some are “e-friends” that, even if we’ve never, or only occasionally, met face-to-face, I still care about. Some are family members that I would choose to have as friends, even if we weren’t related!

I love my friends. I married one of them. Friends matter so remember to tell yours how much you really care.


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