Have you noticed?

It’s already happening and you can see the difference. A mere two-and-a-half weeks past winter solstice and it’s already apparent that the days are getting longer – even if only by a few minutes each day.

Light comes earlier in the morning and stays later in the afternoon. And it brings with it renewed hope and joy and anticipation for the end of winter.

Of course, so far, this winter has been nothing to complain about in Maritime Canada. Unlike last year where we had so much snow people were beginning to wonder where to put it all, this year we’ve had virtually none. We had one snowstorm in November that had everyone on edge, thinking this would be another too-white winter. Instead, the temperatures rose dramatically and unseasonably, and what snow there was melted away, taking the early Christmas spirit with it. Then, just in time for Christmas, we had a gentle snowfall – postcard perfect – that covered the muddy yards and fields with ‘just enough’ white fluff. And then, the rains came and it, too, went away. Those short, dark days in late December, especially without the seasonal snow, were hard to endure.

But now, even though there are still 73 days until official spring (March 20th), and our traditional two or three weeks of bitter, arctic-like, temperatures have happened yet, the lengthening days make the cold weeks bearable.

Have you noticed?


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