From the far side of the Rainbow Bridge


Lately it seems that too many of my friends have lost loved ones – family members, beloved pets – or are deeply missing those who left a while ago. Phoebe, Callie and our own well loved Triscuit have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge – like their human counterparts, now free of infirmity, illness and pain.

Christmas is such an emotional time of year. Expectations are high for feelings of joy and peace and sharing time with close family and friends. We equate the level of happiness with a level of busyness – decorations, fancy baking, gifts galore and a frantic social life.

The realities are usually somewhat different. For families who are missing members and pets, it is a particularly difficult time emotionally. Memories flood in and even the best ones sometimes leave you feeling guilty for enjoying moments with others when a husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, dear friend or beloved pet isn’t there to share the moment.

But, Christmas is about renewal and peace. We’ve all lost loved ones and we honour them with memories and respect. Would they want us to be sad? Of course not. Their love is a soft blanket of warmth to comfort us and to share with others who may need it too.

I’m sure that everyone on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge is wishing us all the Merriest of Christmases.



3 thoughts on “From the far side of the Rainbow Bridge

  1. Just found this, Ceci…I’m falling behind in my blog visiting. Thank you for including our Callie-girl in this lovely post. We did, indeed, find Christmas difficult, but that morning, we bundled up and took our first walk on the path behind our house that she so loved. It was sad, but we stopped along the way to remember some of her antics and felt comforted by the belief that such a vibrant spirit now romps in a beautiful pain-less place.

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