Ah, the anticipation is building

The first 24 days in December are, without doubt, my favourite time of year. I love the gradual building of anticipation leading in to Christmas Eve. Mother Nature isn’t helping a lot this year by giving us surprisingly warm temperatures every day and rain instead of snow – but then again, that postpones the inevitable complaints about shoveling and shivering, right?

Cards have been mailed, gifts for those far away sent early to ensure they arrive in time for the big day, tree up and decorated. Those are the tasks that need to be done well in advance. Any day now I can start on a few if the other things I enjoy doing at this time of year like baking cookies for treats and stollen for Christmas morning breakfast. Even though there are only two of us at home for Christmas (four, if you count Hoover and Halo) I still enjoy those preparations – and then the hush of a truly silent night Christmas Eve.


One thought on “Ah, the anticipation is building

  1. I always look forward to an evening to do my Christmas tree. I put music on, start the fire, pour a little egg nog and thoroughly enjoy softening the room with lights and my favourite decorations. This year, however, I’ve left it a bit late and must decorating in broad daylight to the sound of the wind and rain at the windows (and the generator…we’ve lost power) as my evenings are full. It’s simply not the same! No lights. No fire. No egg nog. However…I’m mustering some spirit in spite of it all!

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