‘Tis the season

In my ‘spare’ time I work with a group of young people who are involved with the local 4-H club. Within the club there are numerous projects ranging from livestock based (beef and dairy cattle, goats, chickens, etc.) to non-livestock projects (scrapbooking, cooking, sewing, and, in my case, photography). The kids choose one or two projects to work on during the year with the help of volunteer project leaders and the goal is to provide them with some additional skills and an opportunity for interaction and the development of valuable life skills as well.

There are 10 in my project group. They love photography and are having fun trying different things to see how far they can stretch their creativity. Last night was our town’s annual Christmas parade. This year is the 40th anniversary of the existence of our 4-H Club and we had a float in the parade. My photo project group was tasked with documenting the night – including shots of our float, those of other groups, each other on the float and the spectators along the parade route. Since most of the kids are working with small P&S cameras there are limitations on what they can do on a dark night – but I’m really looking forward to seeing what they came up with. I did see one shot that Molly took that was amazing streaks of light. Her little camera had a very slow shutter speed and the end effect was unusual and beautiful in its own way.

This is the beginning of the Christmas season in our town.

Kings County Beef 4-H Club 40th Anniversary celebration


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