The countdown to Christmas has officially begun

Yes, in a very short time it will be Christmas Eve – my favourite time of the season. It’s when the excitement is at its peak; children are enthralled by the prospect of Santa’s visit, Christians (some, like me, sadly lapsed) make time to go to church; and despite the frantic pace of the previous weeks and candy-filled children, it’s somehow the most peaceful night of the year. Perfection is when a light snow falls that night – not enough to ruin Christmas Day travel plans, just enough to gently cover the ground and muffle sounds.

So, for the next three weeks anticipation will build. Advent calendars will be opened day by day, baking will be done, parties held, shopping trips made, gifts wrapped, sent or delivered and time made to enjoy the gift of friendship. It truly is a wonderful season.


One thought on “The countdown to Christmas has officially begun

  1. Christmas is a wonderful season! I just don’t like how everyone rushhes through it in a mad frenzy. I haven’t even started decorating yet, but did enjoy listening to holiday music at Starbuck’s this morning. Holiday music before December 1 is just weird. Enjoy!

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