#30 of 30: Gratifying Moments

I made it. I actually posted on my blog every single day for 30 days. Yehaw!

The Gang!

And this week in particular has given me many, many gratifying moments. One was when the little stray dog we christened “Lucky” found a good home.

Another was today. As a photographer, one always hopes that clients like the results of your work. But once in a while the reward far exceeds any expectation or financial payment that might be received. Today gave me one of those heart warming moments.

A couple of weeks ago I did a photo shoot of three dogs. The owners particularly wanted some shots of one of the dogs, an elderly female with an engaging face. As owners (and parents of small children) often do, they felt the dogs hadn’t behaved very as well as they’d hope and consequently weren’t sure they’d get the photos they were hoping for. I knew the images would be ok because I see what is really going on in front of the lens – something the clients can’t really see until they get their prints.

I delivered their prints today and was stunned to see tears of joy in their eyes as they looked through the package, raving enthusiastically about each one. How can I thank them for sharing that moment with me? It made my day – if not my week!

Jelly Bean




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