#28 of 30: Unsung heros – “Lucky” has a home!

The last 24 hours have been challenging. Early yesterday morning (as in 5:a.m. early) I was out in the yard with my dog Hoover and we listened to the mournful howls of a pack of coyotes in the distance. If you’ve never heard that sound on a dead-still, dark morning, it’s almost impossible to describe the eerie feeling it engenders.

Then, in a flash, I saw something small and white running down the middle of the road beside our yard. I swung my flashlight for a better look and it darted into my neighbour’s driveway. At that point I had no idea what kind of animal it was; but in case it was a coyote, Hoover and I headed for the door.

Two hours later we were out for a walk and I spotted the white animal bouncing around and running back and forth in the neighbour’s hay field.  With daylight encroaching I could see that it was a smallish dog.

Not long after that I saw her darting across our road, and back again, and then I began to worry. She seemed frantic, uttering high-pitched yips, and totally disoriented. My biggest fear was that, with the heavy truck traffic and cars spinning around the corner on the road, something nasty would happen. I tried calling, whistling, anything I could think of but couldn’t get her to come to me. When my husband came home, he tried too, to no avail.

I grabbed a (really bad) photo of the dog and posted it on Facebook and Kijiji hoping to find her owners to let them know where she was. Again, to no avail.

All day she ran around our area, from yard to yard and out onto the busy road. It was more good luck than good management that she wasn’t hit.

Finally I called a friend who, in turn, contacted the animal control person for this area. He said he’d see what he could do.

Then it was getting dark. I could hear her little yips outside and couldn’t stand it. So, armed with food and water I set up a feeding station for her. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to find the food and devour it. Before bedtime I put some more out there and it too disappeared.

I don’t know where she spent the night but this morning there she was again. We put out fresh food and water and, as with yesterday’s offerings, they too vanished. The animal control man and two fellows from the Dept. of Natural Resources showed up and – halelujah!!! – managed to catch and get a leash on her. “Lucky” (as my husband christened her) was taken to the DNR office. She’s in need of some veterinary attention, but it looks like one of the ladies who works at DNR is prepared to adopt her if the prior owners don’t come forward.

"Lucky" the Lost Dog

Thank you Roy and everyone else involved. It’s wonderful that, after over a week of running alone, scared and friendless, this little dog has found a place to be where she will be wanted and cared for. These are the unsung heroes of every day life.



3 thoughts on “#28 of 30: Unsung heros – “Lucky” has a home!

  1. Oh, Ceci, I’m so glad to hear this. I was very worried, as well, for this sweet little sprite. I can’t bear to think about lost dogs. I do hope you are able to find her rightful owners (if they are missing her) and if not, I’m happy to hear she will have a fine home with a new loving mama. Thank you for caring so much about her.

  2. You are my hero Ceci…even so I’m pretty far away I got emotinal involved in this case. I’m so glad the dog showed up at your house, he knew you would take care of him. Sorry for you losing sleep over that, but I would’ve done the same. I’m worried about every creature that is without care.Thank you for safing this poor pooch!

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