#27 of 30: On silent cat’s paws they come

The Kennebecasis Valley, in New Brunswick, where I live attracts balloonists from around the world. Apparently it is an ideal spot to fly. I wouldn’t know since I’m terrified of heights – even a 2′ ladder causes me to experience vertigo.

But, early this end-of-November Sunday morning my dog, Hoover, and I were out for a walk in downtown Sussex. Hoover was constantly scanning the sky – hot air balloons terrify him and a lot of dogs, I think it’s the whooshing sound of the heater – so I finally looked up. There, floating silently above us like hunting cats in trees were four hot air balloons. My fingers and toes were already tingling with the cold at ground level, so I can only imagine what it must have felt like 1000′ up there.

Hot Air Balloons flying over Sussex, NB, Canada, November 27, 2011

Unfortunately, the only camera I had with me was my iPhone and it was a cold and grey morning, so the photo isn’t exactly a work of art. But, it’s amazing to see them floating there above the town. This happens annually during the American Thanksgiving Week-end. Balloonists from the USA come up to fly every year, weather permitting. I’d simply forgotten to expect their aerial invasion. Happy Thanksgiving folks!


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