#23 of 30: Mother Nature Reigns Supreme

We humans may THINK we rule the world, but let me tell you, that’s a fallacy. The first snowstorm of the season arrived almost a full month in advance of the first day of winter. It roared in quickly, dumping well over a foot of snow to be blown around by the accompanying winds making any form of transportation near impossible.

Roads became quagmires of slippery slime. Those of us who HAD to venture forth for one reason or another were faced with crawling at speeds that would make a snail’s pace positively dizzying if we wanted to get there in one piece. The idiots who had yet to put on their snow tires (that, when you live north of the 49th parallel, should be mandated by law!) or who tried to ignore Mother Nature were subject to her wrath (and my curses) as they swerved around corners, slid through intersections, and generally were a menace to everyone else.

The upside of all of this was the hush that fell. No matter how intently you listened, the world slowed down for an instant and crept quietly forward on muffled cats’ paws for just a little while. Mother Nature tucked us in with a blanket of snow and said “Hush and good night”.


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