#22 of 30: Dreams keep you going

It’s always fun to have a dream. When you buy a lottery ticket or, as in our case, a ticket on a lottery to win a luxurious home (in support of the hospital, of course), you get to spend days, weeks or even months envisioning how your life will change when your ticket number is called. You picture living in the home, entertaining, decorating for Christmas, having friends and family come to visit – and it helps forestall the inevitable winter doldrums when the season’s first snowstorm is barreling toward us.

Unfortunately, tonight was the draw for the home. Reality bites and someone else won. C’est la vie. All friends who were planning our wonderful Christmas house warming party can now return to focusing on their own Christmas preparations and I no longer have to worry about deciding which things we’d take with us and which we’d sell or give away. Whew, that’s a relief.

Still, it was fun, for a while, to imagine that lifestyle in what we came to refer to as “the big house”. Dreams do keep you going.

Now, what shall I dream about next?


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