#21 of 30: Life really IS all about laughter

We all need it every day. It gets us to relax. It’s good exercise for the facial muscles. It makes us feel good for hours afterward. And, it’s FREE!

This fall I joined a local swimming pool in order to have access to exercise during the long, cold and miserable winter months. What I hadn’t planned on, but have found to be a real bonus, is making new friends. There is a group of ladies who are all about the same age and who all like to go swimming around the same time of day. Over the past several weeks we’ve come to know more about each other and often stop for coffee or breakfast after our swimming session.

The conversation around the table is hilarious. Topics range from the mundane to world affairs, but most often concern the day to day goings-on in our lives and families. Laughter abounds as we each describe various events in our own, unique, ways. The waitresses always smile when the walk by our table of somewhat boisterous middle-aged ladies unabashedly laughing at each other’s foibles.

When I leave the group each day there’s more of a spring in my step thanks to that very healthy dose of giggles. Thanks “ladies who swim”!


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