#20 of 30: happy moments

Someone posted a topic suggestion: what is the happiest moment of your life?

How could anyone choose just one? For some it’s the pinnacle of achievement – academically or in business. For others it’s receiving some award or the recognition of one’s peers. Still others say it’s a wedding day.

I have no single happiest moment. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones in that I have many happy moments. I wept tears of joy when my son was born – strong and healthy, with the requisite number of fingers, toes and eyes. I revelled in his accomplishments over the years – graduating from school, courage to travel the world experiencing whatever there was to experience.

David 3 days old

Then there was the day, as a young man, he married the love of his life who became the mother of my beautiful grandchildren. And, of course, there was the arrival, in short order, of a grandson and then granddaughter to complete the little family.

The family

Could I choose one event as the happiest moment of my life? Not a chance!


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