#19 of 30: Going public is scary

Anyone involved in the arts or creative professions eventually has to put their work out there for the public to experience and assess. It is positively scary, whether you have written a book, created a sculpture or painting, poured forth a poem or captured a photographic image. It’s one thing to show it to friends and family who will either totally support your efforts, or at least be relatively gentle in their critiques. It’s another thing altogether to let the unknown general public “have at ‘er”.

But, to grow means to take risks. So that’s what I did this week. A small selection of my photographic work has been put on display in the local shopping mall for any and all to see. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback, if any, I get and whether or not it results in any increase in business. Maybe. Maybe not.

Still, overcoming fear and taking that risk is a major step forward for any of us.

40" x 60" landscape image "Thankful"



3 thoughts on “#19 of 30: Going public is scary

    • I did a variety of images. The wall is separated into ‘panels’ by wall studs, so the first ‘section’ is one huge landscape (first picture above) that is 5′ wide by 40″ high. The next ‘section’ is a variety to show the different types of work that I’m doing. I still have a third ‘section’ to populate with images, but haven’t decided what it will be – I’m thinking primarily animal portraits – dogs, cats and horses.

  1. BTW – the images don’t really have that horrid ‘blue’ tinge that you see in the photos above – that’s the mall’s ceiling lighting and the sunlight pouring in from a window in combination affecting the white balance in my photos.

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