#18 of 30: Today we said good bye

Today I joined the throng filling the tiny Baptist church in the Village of St. Martins, NB, to say goodbye to an uncle I wish I’d known better.

As a relatively new member of the family, I didn’t grow up knowing my uncle, nor my aunt and eight cousins. We didn’t play together as children and only met in what, for most of us, was mid-life. Consequently I felt distinctly like an outsider at the funeral despite sitting in the section reserved for family members. It was almost like I shouldn’t be grieving – but nevertheless, I did.

I listened to his nephew deliver a touching eulogy to a man who had obviously affected his life, and those of many others, deeply. It was touched with humour and anecdotes from a life fully lived.

But the really heart wrenching portion of the service came when his beautiful granddaughter stood up to read some passages from scriptures. Her heartfelt remarks reached out to every person gathered in the tiny church – friends and family,  young children to senior citizens.

To my aunt and many cousins – my deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband, your father and the uncle I wish I’d known better.


One thought on “#18 of 30: Today we said good bye

  1. Beautiful Ceci, I wish I had been up to going but if the church was that full it may be as well that I didn’t go. It really saddens me to hear that, after all this time, you still feel like an outsider at times. We would never want you to feel that way, you are as much a part of my family as if we had played together as children. My memory is so poor that I don’t remember much of my childhood so that really doesn’t matter much to me. What matters most to me is that you are an integral part of my heart and I can’t imagine NOT having you in my life. I love you, Sis, and always will.

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