#17 of 30: Customer Service? An oxymoron!

We have been customers of Shaw entertainment for over 10 years – first as cable customers in Calgary and then as Shaw Direct satellite TV customers in our current home. Over the years the costs kept going up until, recently, we were spending between $85-$90 a month just to watch TV – and only a few of those “hundreds of channels” available at that. Common sense finally kicked in and we decided to ditch the dish late last summer.

We bought antennas for our TVs intending to pick up local channels “off air” but discovered that, due to our location, although our TVs are newer models and have built-in digital converters, we couldn’t pick up any signals.

When I returned the antennas to The Source the very helpful lady there told me that, through Shaw, there was an arrangement where you could, at least, get the equivalent channels of what would have been available off-air – i.e. CBC, CTV and Global TV – AT NO CHARGE. Perfect.

I called Shaw to ask about the program. Ooops. Although we qualified for the program geographically, we did NOT qualify because we had been satellite customers within the past 90 days (by a mere FEW I might add). BUT, they did have a package available for only $27 a month (more reasonable) although we’d have to pay a $30 re-connection fee. I told the lady I was talking to that I’d think about it.

When my husband called last summer to cancel our satellite service, he was offered a $10/month discount IF we’d remain customers (he declined – still too much money for the little that we watched) but there was no mention of the $27 package. Had there been, he probably would have accepted it.

There are few shows that I miss – but I do miss having access to the local news and weather as well as a couple of other shows – but certainly not enough to pay close to $100 a month.

Will we take the $27 a month package? Maybe – but only if they waive the $30 reconnect fee since it was never offered at the time of the original disconnect. A true test of their customer service.


One thought on “#17 of 30: Customer Service? An oxymoron!

  1. Ceci — I decided this spring that satellite TV was getting ridiculous too. Didn’t bother to hook it up when I moved to my new place in June. I’m really not missing it as much as I’d expected. I can watch most of the shows I like on the respective websites for the channels — citytv.com, ctv.ca, globaltv.com etc. The only things I’m really pining for are Dexter (HBO only — guess I’ll have to wait for the DVDs of this season) and Jon Stewart.

    I’m considering rabbit ears as I’m up on a hill and the neighbours tell me you can get quite a few local channels pour nada!

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