#7 of 30: Monday, Monday

Ah yes, Monday morning in November. Not always the cheeriest of days but this one is the exception. The sun is shining and the thermometer is reading a balmy 8C. Weird as it may seem, this MIGHT be the right day to dig out the exterior Christmas decorations – before the temperatures drop to finger-numbing levels.

With family that lives 5000 miles away it is often difficult to work up a lot of enthusiasm for the season … but you have to start somewhere, right?


2 thoughts on “#7 of 30: Monday, Monday

  1. Actually, I think Monday is a good day, because it’s a begiining and beginnings are or should be the start of something good, begiinings are still pure, have no mistakes made yet, they are clean like the the underwear you put on in the morning after a shower. A lot can happen in the days to come, there is hope, that the rest of the week brings you good things, so if you had a string of bad occurences happen to you last week….start Mondays

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