Another type of journey

4-H Photography Project Group walk in the woods

Whatever your interest in life, it’s really important to keep on learning, day after day, decade after decade. I love photography so this fall I signed up to be a Project Leader with the local 4-H club helping kids with an interest in photography improve their skills and foster their enthusiasm. I sort of thought of it as me giving back to the community and to the group’s participants.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was what I’d get from them! It really helps to freshen your outlook to see something through someone else’s eyes. Today I took the group on a photo walk down the nature trails in our small town. Although most of the fall foliage has shrivelled up and blown off the trees, there is still beauty to be found on a cold, crisp autumn day. The kids pointed out interesting patterns in downed trees. One found some sort of ‘growth’ on the tree branches (a seed pod I assume?) that generated a lively discussion.

Monster droppings? Or seed pod?

If your creative endeavours feel a little stale, try spending some time with kids.


2 thoughts on “Another type of journey

  1. Hi Ceci – this sounds like so much fun! What you have in your photo is the fruit (or drupe) of a sumac. The birds love these and they are an important source of food in the winter. The sumac will often grow in clusters and they are brilliant in the fall before their leaves drop. I had a staghorn sumac at my other home, so named because the branches were velvet, like deer antlers.

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