#3 of 30 – Light Reading

On-line communities are a unique way of making friends. Years ago I joined the local chapter of PWAC. No, it’s not some weird group of deviants – well…. – it is the Professional Writers Association of Canada. Although I met members from throughout New Brunswick, my main contact with the group was through “The List” – an on-line chat group for association members. I attended one national conference and enjoyed meeting a few more members.

Eighteen of those writers, all writing in vastly different genres, and living across Canada, formed a sub-group and this year published a unique book, “Prose to Go – Tales from a Private List”. The book is a compilation of short essays ranging from the wildly humourous to the heart-wrenchingly personal. There is literally a story for each and every one of us in this collection.

"Memoirs in Miniature"

I’m proud to say that I ‘know’ these writers – some personally and some electronically. But, what is friendship but a shared interest touched with respect, support and admiration. Way to go!



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