I am a glutton for punishment. I’ve signed up with NaBloPoMo and ‘promised’ to blog daily throughout the month of November. So this is #1 of 30. I usually blog a few times a month so this will be a bit of a challenge.

Today’s question was “what is your favourite part about writing?” Now there’s a tough one. I love words. I love the sound and feel of them, the sensory thrill as they tumble off the tongue or flow from a fountain pen. Even typed on a keyboard, words thrill me.


Because. Because they create images – beautiful, stunning, stirring verbal images that can, if well crafted, move others – to action, to sadness, to joy, to wherever the writer wants to point.

Yesterday’s blog about my wee hero, Nathan, and his family moved his mother to tears – hopefully of joy – so I have done my job!

Nathan and baby Jenna


2 thoughts on “Writing…

    • I’m writing now for the third time….
      I totally agree with you Ceci, words are very powerful and there’s nothing so good then reading a good book that can take you on a journey and it is able to make you live every adventure or emotion written in it. I just wish my English would be as good as my German mother tongue, were I’m able to express everything so much better. I love the way you write, because there’s always a hint of humor in there!

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