The joy is back!

When you are a creative type of person, and you also try to eke out a living from that creativity, sometimes the passion and pleasure that drew you into a particular endeavour lessens as time goes by. Sometimes you need a little shove to rekindle the flame and that’s what happened to me last week.

Two years ago I met a woman and fellow photographer from Texas. We were both attending a DGrin Shootout in Bar Harbour, ME, and ended up sharing a room. That can work out well, or be a recipe for disaster. Luckily for us, we hit it off right away and had a great week-end learning more about landscape photography and art from instructors Mark Muench and Andy Williams (the photographer, not the singer).

After going our separate ways, we kept in touch and last week Lauren was able to venture north of the 49th parallel and visit me for a few days.

Before her arrival I set out to find potential locations for photo shoots – places that spoke to the beauty of the Province I call home – and places that would be rife with the gorgeous fall foliage that is symbolic of the season.

One sentinel

I found lovely scenes – but where were the brilliant colours I was seeking? I had promised my friend, whose home state is suffering through an extended drought and where the autumn colours lack the brilliance of those in eastern Canada, that she would be able to photograph red, orange and gold foliage to her heart’s content.

Really, really red leaves

And then I found one tree, and the flame of hope was kindled.

Mother Nature's wreath

And then there were more – and I knew our adventure would be a success.

A couple of days later Lauren arrived and the photo journey began in earnest. First stop? The Fundy Trail near St. Martins, NB. We squeaked in on the last day of the season to capture sights of the Bay of Fundy.

What's that on the horizon? Nova Scotia

From high on the bluff overlooking the bay, on a clear day, you can easily see Nova Scotia’s coastline in the distance.

Safe harbour in St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy

The world famous 38′ tides in the Bay of Fundy were receding, leaving fishing boats stranded on the shore and by the dock to wait for the incoming tide to float them up again. In the meantime, some work on the underside could be completed.

Salt air and iron - a recipe for rust

Some photographers thrive on finding examples of bright red rust. If you live near the Bay or the ocean, iron anchors  make great subjects.

Which way?

Each morning during her visit Lauren and I would discuss what the theme of the day would be. Day two we found covered bridges, waterfalls and serenity in the wilderness.

Light Patterns

Lauren concentrating on her shot.

What I saw in the water

Another day found us exploring pastoral scenes in Cornhill.

Rolling hills as far as you can see

A lone tree

And lastly – a good night.


By the time our 5-day adventure came to an end, having shared the quest to find images to capture the imagination, I felt relief. The joy is back!


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