I don’t care what the calendar says

Summer is over. The first leaves have fallen, and those that remain are already turning the brilliant hues that speak of autumn and hint of the season to follow.

First sign of fall

But, since Mother Nature was stingy with her spring and summer weather, she has been slightly more generous in the past few weeks, allowing us to have a decent vacation in “The Valley” in Nova Scotia. We rented a cottage on a lake near Windsor and ate, slept and walked the dog. It was scenic and the weather cooperated – most of the time.


Early in the mornings the water on the lake would be still as glass before the winds picked up as the day went on.

The Boys

And that provided an ideal time for a lengthy game of fetch with Hoover, leaving tosser and tossee good and ready for a rest afterward. Hoover would probably sell his soul for a tennis ball!

A lonely leaf

As our vacation wound down to its inevitable conclusion, Mother Nature stepped in with one last farewell image – a single leaf floating off to some unknown destination.

And then we headed home for even more confirmation that summer is, indeed, over. It was time for the annual Balloon Fiesta in Sussex. This year organizers were fortunate to have bright and sunny days, although the gusty winds frustrated balloonists’ attempts to lift off on several occasions. It’s just not safe up there if the winds exceed about 5 kph on the ground. But when they did fly – oh my….

The view from our deck

Four in a row

Ladybug Ladybug

The antique car “show and shine” on the final afternoon of the Fiesta drew about 500 exhibitors and thousands of spectators. The carefully restored and lovingly displayed cars and trucks glowed brightly in the blazing sun all afternoon.

McCaskill's '66 Mustang

Flashback to the 60's!

Although this is a ’79 model, the decor was definitely ’60’s “shaggin wagon” style.


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