Sometimes there IS a reason for early hype

Just four months from tomorrow... and counting.

Many people are still on vacation and students, in most areas, have yet to return to school for the new academic year. And yet we are already seeing advertisements for Christmas 2011 in various media. The Sears “Wish Book” arrived a couple of weeks ago and there is a slight ‘nip’ of fall in the air.

Are you among the majority of people who find summertime advertising for Christmas less than tasteful?

I think it depends on how and why it is done. For people whose economic circumstances mean that they need to budget their gift buying over a longer period of time, some advertising may help to spur them on to “git ‘er done”. For others, it gives them time to consider what gift may be appropriate for each person on their list.

As a photographer, I encourage my clients that are thinking about having individual, graduation, family and/or pet/livestock portraits done in order to give prints as gifts this year to book their sessions now for September and October. If they wait too late to book, appointments might not be available or there might not be enough time to have those special prints, like painterly canvas finishes or images on floating metal, created and delivered.

Fall portraits are always popular, especially when we have the chance to take advantage of the beautiful and brilliant colour that is the hallmark of a Maritime autumn season.


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