How things have changed…

I haven’t had a lot to say of late since I moved to Fredericton. I have a Surrogate Mom (SM) now who takes very good care of me. My Person (MP) came to visit on Saturday and gave my SM a lesson in how to get me to perform more like a show horse. Drat! I had this down pat. Grab the bit and yank – SM’s bottom would rise from the saddle and I could do whatever I wanted. MP recommended a couple of position changes and there went my leverage!

SM and I are going to our first show together in a couple of weeks so I guess I should help her out. She’s nice to me and brings carrots every visit. She grooms me until I gleam and am the envy of other horses here at the stable so generally speaking, life is pretty good.

Sometimes I yearn for my days as a pasture potato – just lolling about watching the canoes float by in the river. But, all in all, it’s a good life here. I know that MP misses me a lot though. Her eyes leak every time she sees me.


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