Well, if my PERSON thought her dreams were coming to an end – what about me, the trusty steed?

I knew something was up when she spent extra time grooming me – getting all of my carefully installed encrusted mud out of every embarassing orifice, the knots combed out of my mane and tail and my bridle path clipped. Of course, I thought we might be going to a show. They’re always fun.

She gets dressed up. My tack gets cleaned. And, I can show off for the other horses – especially the pretty mares – what a handsome dude I really am.

But no.

An hour later the big rolling barn showed up. They backed it up to the barn door and, to my absolute horror, my winter’s supply of hay was loaded on! “Hay! Wait a minute! That’s MINE! Are you going to starve me?” Not only that, but the last of my grain, my alfalfa cubes AND my apple chunk horse cookies went too. What the ‘h’ is going on?

Uh oh. My person came in with the leather halter. That can only mean one thing – onto the rolling can I’m going. Oh yeah – it’s loaded with my food. Things might be ok! I won’t starve at least.

I’ll miss being a pasture potato. I Recognized Deanna – the BOOT CAMP director. Looks like I’m going back to work again. Oh well, I’ll have friends there to talk to.

I’m sure going to miss the nightly pats, the carefully cut-up apple and carrot pieces that were my bedtime snack, and knowing that my person would be back first thing in the morning to see to my every heart’s desire. But, she’ll come and visit – I know it.

Now, if I could just get her eyes to stop leaking salty water all over my freshly groomed coat….

Good thing for her she’s got friends and family that care.


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