HELP! I need HELP!

I should have known. My person came out to the barn this morning and spent an inordinate amount of time fussing with me. She clipped my bridle path, worked on my coat with the shedding blade and generally had me looking presentable.

THEN, instead of turning me back out so I could undo all of that work by rolling in the manure laden mud, she kept me in! What’s with that?

Later on I heard a truck sound. When I looked out the window there was a huge horse trailer parked on the road at the end of our lane. Uh huh. Something’s up!

Sure enough, I heard her talking to another person and the next thing I knew, my halter was on and I was taking the long walk down the lane. The other person opened the door to the cavern and the existing inmate screamed at me; “Run, run for your life! This can has wheels!”

Too late, I’d already stepped in and before I could think twice, my person tied me to the wall – and left me, shutting the door behind her. Where am I going now? Please tell me we’re not moving back to Calgary. I can’t face another 4000 mile ride. She said something about “boot camp”. What’s that?

If I survive this adventure – I’ll keep y’all posted. If not – it’s been fun ……..


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