It’s been a while…

After four years as a part-time freelance writer / photographer and more-than-part-time property manager, my person has FINALLY come to her senses. From here on out she’s focusing her efforts on her freelance business and the critters in her life – the Queen (house cat), the Supervisor (barn cat), the Pest (new puppy) and, of course, ME! 

Since winter is rapidly approaching, I’m probably safe for a few months from her efforts to re-train and ride me. I’ll be able to continue my relaxing lifestyle as a pasture potato – well fed, groomed and generally pampered – in return for which all I have to do is feign interest when she comes to visit or wants to show me off to her friends, colleagues and clients.
Maybe now she’ll also have more time to add my comments to this blog on a more regular basis!

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