People are slow on the up-take

I’ve been telling my person for AGES that my back aches. I’ve been walking with a short stride, hollowing my back and showing a distinct “hitch in my git-a-long”. But, could she figure it out? No.

So, I tried bucking like crazy when I was on the lunge line – which only resulted in more work for me. Then I tried bucking when my person was on my back. Ha! She’s not that strong and ended up in the dirt several times.

Finally, she sent me to a trainer who recommended a chiropractor. If you haven’t had this done you have NO idea what you’ve missed. I nearly fell asleep while he manipulated every bone in my body. The cracking noise was a little unnerving – for me and my person – but the results were fantastic.

My person said that she hadn’t seen my back so round or my stride so long in YEARS! I’m sold.


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