Hoover - You know you want the cookie...

Hoover – You know you want the cookie…

There have been some changes here – and my new website is located at:


I hope you’ll head over there and explore the site, see what’s new, and, by all means, let me know what you think!

A violinist, a pianist, an animal lover and, after a sting as a business person, I returned to more creative pursuits in order to scratch that ‘itch’ that wouldn’t go away.

Now I focus on capturing and sharing cherished memories through both visual and verbal images.

Join me in following that path….creating images that speak to, and for, you.

It’s all about you – and what YOU want!

Did you know that if someone’s house is burning down, assuming all the people and pets are safe, that the first things most people will try to save are their photo albums?

People love photographs for many different reasons. Perhaps a portrait captures a special moment in time – baby days that pass far too quickly; children that can’t wait to grow up; graduates striding off on their own adventures.

Then, there’s the romance and love in a couples eyes captured in their engagement and wedding photographs or the wisdom and experience etched in the face of a more mature subject.

For some it is immortalizing that moment of victory in competition. For others, it is having a unique piece of artwork to display at home or at work.

But really, it’s all about telling a story about you at a moment in time.

Whatever your reasons are, I will work with you to create the images that capture your memories. I will use my years of experience to work with you to create a set of images that speak to, and for, you. We will tell the story of a moment in time that you want to remember forever.

And you will have photographs that you will be proud to own and display – in your home or business – for years to come – that commemorate the cherished moments in your life.


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